Sunday, January 16, 2011

Check out my new digs!! (aka new blog design)

Ok so this pastors wife didn't quite feel up to going to church this morning.  Boo!  Don't worry it is nothing serious, but just enough to make me want to take a Sunday morning off and sleep in.  (Well as best you can with two little buzzing bees underfoot).  So as the kiddos are playing dress up in the other room I decided to work on the blog and try to make it a little more pleasing to the eye.  You know, make you want to stay and read a little big longer.  So I changed my layout and my blog header.  What do you think?  I know, cute bees right??

Thanks to this awesome tutorial I found at Clover Lane I was able to play around a bit.  It still needs some work and I hope to update with new pics periodically, change fonts, styles, etc.  Just to keep things fun.  Best part is, I did it all myself.  I learned something new, and I didn't have to pay anyone to do it.  I am sort of proud of myself.  Let me know what you think!