Saturday, January 15, 2011

13 Days and counting....

until we close on our new house!!  And I haven't started packing yet. Oops!!  For the record, work has been kicking my rear this last week so I haven't had time to even think about packing. 

So on this lazy Saturday morning, I have decided to bust out some boxes and start packing a few things that we won't need in the next couple of weeks.  Mainly toys, lots and lots of toys.  Ever since Christmas the toys have been taking over our little abode and this mama has had enough!  So in the boxes they go...(all of course while the kiddos are distracted with other stuff).  And no, I am not the Wicked Witch of the West for packing up my kids brand new Christmas toys.  They still get to play with those.  There would be a mutiny in this house and I am just not up for the battle.  Maybe after I have had more coffee...

Anyways, I am talking about all the toys they got to bring to the humble abode when we moved in, which they now no longer touch since they have better, cooler, more exciting toys from Christmas.  Makes we think I should just donate the box to charity and they will be none the wiser.  Hmm...decisions, decisions.

So on that note, I am signing off.  This mama has some serious packing to do!  Have a great weekend!

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