Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Broken Bones

Ok, time for a confession... I have never been nor ever will be a dare devil of any kind. I did gymnastics for one year when I was a kid and although I loved it, I was too scared that I would fall and hurt myself so I didn't stick with it. I don't do black diamonds or moguls. I am more of a "moderately difficult" kind of gal. I have a tendency to be the worst back seat driver. Every time I see the car in front slam on their breaks I am the one who immediately puts my hand on the dash board as if that will stop the car from crashing! I secretly despise roller coasters and will scream like a little girl until the ride is over. Yes that is me.

And another tiny little confession, I have never broken a bone in my body. That is until last night. You heard that right. Misses Evel Knieval broke a bone. And as much as I wish I could say that I was cool and broke a bone while flying over the Grand Canyon on my awesome motorcycle, in reality it was a lot less glamorous. What can I say, I am just not that exciting!

So my story goes a little something like this. I came home from work last night after driving through lots of rain and sleet and the roads were getting really bad (que the dramatic effect). I walk in the door to find my husband on the phone enthralled in some deep theological conversation with who knows, my girls are downstairs playing and the dog is wining at the door to go out. So I do what every loving mother would do and grab Lucy's leash to take her outside. Do I need to remind you that it has been raining/sleeting/snowing outside (this is me building suspense) and the back deck is covered in ice? I proceed to take her out and start to walk down the steps of the deck and as soon as Lucy reaches the ground she takes off! My feet fly out from underneath me and I gracefully float through the air and land on my backside. Although it was not so graceful as my foot landed wrong and I feel a piercing pain like I have never felt before. I may have also said a few words that I have never spoken before either. My shoe went flying off and of course the dog grabbed it up and started chewing on it. So here I am sitting on the steps with one shoe on and the other barefoot in excruciating pain. My husband is back inside on the phone and paying no attention to me. So I try my best to get his attention and decide to take off my other shoe and throw it at the back door.  As I see my shoe flying through the air a thought occurs to me that maybe I threw it too hard and what if the glass breaks? Well at least then I will have gotten his attention! BAM! And no the glass doesn't break. Whew! And no, it doesn't get my husbands attention either! So there I am, sitting out in the cold rain and snow, barefoot in the dark, in pain, with the dog chewing on my favorite shoes. Awesome. It was by God's grace alone that I was able to get up, hobble on my foot back to the door and yell for my husband to help. He did eventually come to my rescue and the rest is history. Except for the part about me going to the doctor today only to discover that I broke my toe.

(Note to self, schedule a pedicure asap)

So as I sit and type this my toe is bandaged and I have been instructed to keep it that way for the next 4-6 weeks. I guess there will be no marathon running for me in my near future or jumping 20 cars in a single bound. And the morale of this story? The next time it is raining, make your husband take the dog outside. It also happens to be our new family rule.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolutions

So each year I have posted my new years resolutions in hopes that putting it out there for the entire world to see will help me get motivated to stay on track. If your curious you can check them out here and here. Some have been successful and some have not. I have aimed for losing weight, getting more organized, cook more, exercise more, drink more water, blog more, become a better mother, be a better wife, a better employee, a better boss, work harder, play harder, you name it I have thought about changing some aspect of it in my life.  

But this year has been different. It is January 24th and I have yet to post what my resolutions will be. We are at a time when most people have broken or forgotten their resolutions and I am still trying to figure mine out. It is not for a lack of trying, but this year I just couldn't put into words what I wanted to do. That was until I came across this video. I found it posted on one of my favorite blogs and it really hit home for me. Thanks Bethany! It was too good not to share.

So this is it, only one resolution. So simple and yet so profound. Be present.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Well I am proud to say that our little family of 4 just became a family of 5. Now don't jump to conclusions, I did not have a baby in during my blog haitus. Instead we decided to get a puppy! Am I crazy? Possibly. But my girls love her, and that is all the justification I need.

She is a Golden Retriever puppy and although she is small now that won't last long. We got her a week ago and although the first week has been rough we are making progress. And by progress I mean she doesn't wail in her crate keeping us up All. Night. Long. Now it is only when we first put her in and in the morning when she hears us get up. So without further ado... meet Miss Lucy!

Yes, we will have lots of fun potty training, leash training, you know the whole kit and kaboodle. And for those of you know me, probably think we are crazy. Why? Because I have allergies. As in nose running, sneezing, eye watering allergies. Not fun! But I have to say that I am taking my vitamins, a Claratin every once in a while, and so far, I have been fine.  That's a mini miracle if you ask me.  That is proof that she was meant to be ours!