Sunday, January 20, 2013


Well I am proud to say that our little family of 4 just became a family of 5. Now don't jump to conclusions, I did not have a baby in during my blog haitus. Instead we decided to get a puppy! Am I crazy? Possibly. But my girls love her, and that is all the justification I need.

She is a Golden Retriever puppy and although she is small now that won't last long. We got her a week ago and although the first week has been rough we are making progress. And by progress I mean she doesn't wail in her crate keeping us up All. Night. Long. Now it is only when we first put her in and in the morning when she hears us get up. So without further ado... meet Miss Lucy!

Yes, we will have lots of fun potty training, leash training, you know the whole kit and kaboodle. And for those of you know me, probably think we are crazy. Why? Because I have allergies. As in nose running, sneezing, eye watering allergies. Not fun! But I have to say that I am taking my vitamins, a Claratin every once in a while, and so far, I have been fine.  That's a mini miracle if you ask me.  That is proof that she was meant to be ours! 

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