Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Staycation

So apparently giving the recent state of the economy, staycation is now officially a word.  Ask webster, he knows all.  So in classic bandwagon style, I made the jump and stayed home over the week of the 4th of July.

Now this was not your typical staycation as my house was full of family.  Fifteen family members to be exact.  And we were on the road just about every day.  So maybe that doesn't count as a staycation, but at least it didn't involve me getting on a plane and I got to sleep in my same bed every night so I am calling it one anyway.  And for the rest of my family??  Well, it was just a plain vacation for them.  And if you asked one of them, I am sure they love to tell you about the joys of flying with young children and what its like to sleep on an air mattress... but nonetheless I was glad they came and got a chance to see our house and where we now live.  Now all I have to do is convince them that we all need to buy a family beach house out here (hint, hint, Cape May was awesome!!)

But just to give you an idea of what our staycation looked like, here is a sneak peak!

Betsy Ross

Congress Hall (where they signed the Declaration of Independence for all you non history folk)


There were fireworks to light...

...water fights to be had...

...even Uncle Byron got in on the action!

There were gardens to explore...


 My awesome parents!

...and oceans to swim in!

There was Amish buggies to drive...

...and horses to meet!

Birthday's were celebrated...

...and giggles abound!

These was an intense game of tic tac toe...

...and when she figured out that Grandpa won!

If your still with me, you now know that it was not a relaxing kind of vacation since we were always on the move, but it was soooo worth it!  And I would do it again in a heart beat!  I miss my family ALOT!!  It is hard being so far away... harder than I ever expected.  And I don't know when we will all get together out here again but I am already counting down the days.  Maybe now a family beach house in Cape May doesn't sound so bad after all!

And so I will leave you with a pic of the whole group!  What a good lookin' bunch!

Ummm.... ok let's try that again...

Take 2
Wait...aren't we missing somebody??

Take 47 nephew's sentiments say it all!

Take 101, maybe?  Just keepin' it real folks!

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