Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweet Reese

This is Reese. She is the youngest in our little hive and I often refer to her as my baby. Although she is quick to correct me and tell me that she is a big girl!

She is the most amazing little girl who stole my heart from day one. From her stunning blue eyes to her crazy hair she was the most beautiful baby in the entire hospital. You think I am kidding about the hair. The proof is in the pudding er, photos!

The beginnings of the poof!

Can I get some hairspray?

Move over Snooki! You have nothing on my poof! I invented the poof!

She is no longer the baby in the pics above but instead she is turning into the most beautiful little girl. Her innocence, her fearlessness, her free spirit, are all qualities about her that I cherish. She adores her older sister and looks up to her for almost everything. She is curious about how the world works and is always finding something to explore. She loves her barbies, her American Girl doll, singing and dancing. And she always has to say her special prayer every night at the dinner table before we eat.

She is her daddy's girl, never leaving her father's side. I love to see the two of them together, her excitement every time her daddy comes into the room. The way she watches him on Sunday mornings, right by his side as he passes out communion, pretending to do the same.

Reesie, I am so proud to have been given the opportunity to be your mother.  You inspire me everyday and I am forever blessed to have you in my life. I believe that God has a plan for you far greater than I can ever imagine. Listen to his word and you will go far knowing you have full love and support from your mama!

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