Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I can hear myself think

As I type this I am sitting in a hotel room by myself in the middle of no where New York. Well it is not exactly the middle of no where but it was dark when I got here and I have no clue where I am. I am traveling for work and I have a big meeting scheduled for tomorrow however tonight I am hanging out in my hotel room By. My. Self. And its quite. Eerily quite.

I am often used to the constant pitter patter of little feet and and the non-stop chatter of my girls. But not tonight. Tonight I sit on this king size bed, watching Glee, typing away on my computer. It is so quiet I can hear myself think. And I'll admit it, I forgot what that was like!

But as much as I am enjoying the short break, it is actually kind of lonely. My hubby isn't here to talk about my day and to solve the worlds problems with. I ate dinner alone and there were no beautiful little faces to kiss goodnight. Tomorrow will be different as I meet up with co-workers but for now it is just me. In a strange place, with strange people, and no where to go. Plus they are talking that it might snow. So I am going to stay put and soak in the quiet. And think about how I miss my family and wish I was home.  Soon enough, I have to tell myself. Soon enough.

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